Thornes Fruit & Veg Ltd

Full information about Thornes Fruit & Veg Ltd (Establishment) at 2 Poniou Ln, Longrock Poniou Lane, Longrock, Penzance, Longrock, England TR20 8YE - address, phone and fax, official website, working hours, photo, maps, reviews and etc.



+44 1736 366709

2 Poniou Ln
Longrock Poniou Lane
England TR20 8YE
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Sunday 10:00 — 16:00
Monday 07:00 — 18:00
Tuesday 07:00 — 18:00
Wednesday 07:00 — 18:00
Thursday 07:00 — 18:00
Friday 07:00 — 18:00
Saturday 07:00 — 17:30


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Reviews about Thornes Fruit & Veg Ltd

    Tanya von Zychlinsky Review added: 2020.06.28
    Thornes Fruit & Veg are my favourites. Their team is amazing, always goes above and beyond to be supportive in all ways. During the pandemic, they have all been courageously standing strong for all of us, so we could continue to buy their exceptionally high quality fruit and merchandise for great prices.

    Love love love them!

    They should get more than a five star,
    especially after having stayed strong for us,

    Thank You, dear Thornes Team, you're amazing!

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